Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pa’s Power Breakfast–Fruity and Fun

Good morning world I have a busy day ahead so I ha03072013704ve had a power breakfast special and I thought I would share it with you. Loads of fruit with cinnamon and mint. Simple and tasty which is how I like my food. Healthy and packed full goodness which is how I need it.

    Welcome to breakfast Smile with Pa. This morning it is all fruit to power me up for the day.
03072013695     1/2 cool Galia melon
     1 banana
     handful of strawberries
     1 large apple
     2 lemons
     sprig of fresh mint
     Well for this I have used what I think are the last of my home grown strawberries. Sadly living in an upstairs apartment with no03072013693 garden my food growing is limited. I have previously filled my windowsills with houseplants, so this year when I wanted to grow strawberries I had to hang a couple of baskets. Filled with plants from a local superstore which were plumped up for selling, I have had a fair first crop. Now they are putting out runners which I may harvest to start a new plantation Rolling on the floor laughing. I also have a tomato plant in each basket and have just settled a new Moroccan mint plant into one. So I will be keeping them busy.

    First of all remove the cheap sunglasses from the melon. Slice him in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Take 1 half and using a grapefruit knife or similar work round under the f03072013699lesh to free it. Then slice into bite sized pieces. Wash the strawberries and  place on top. Now to the lemons. To eat we only need the juice of one. The juice of the second is for the glass of lemon water.
     Pa’s Tip of the Day
  I use a lemon a day for my morning lemon water so, if I have the time,  I always zest it before juicing and save the zest in my little pot which I keep in the freezer so when I am baking I always have plenty of lemon zest.
    So juice 1 lemon. Wash and chop the apple and add to the bowl. Slice the banana in with it and the driz03072013707zle the lemon juice over it. Dust with cinnamon a shred the sprig of fresh mint over the lot. Juice the second lemon and top up to a pint with spring water and there we have it.  Breakfast.

    Well eating it has done me good, I can almost feel myself bursting with health. What a pleasure eating my own grown strawberries and the first sprig of my own mint. You can’t beat home grown and it shows that, even if you live up in the sky with no garden, you can still grow a little and enjoy the satisfaction of eating it.
    I’m off now, I have lots to do. I think I have made more of a job of writing about it than the simplicity of preparing it. Quick and tasty, use the fruits of your choice, whatever you have to hand really. Instead of sprinkling with sugar though, try a dusting of cinnamon and a sprig of fresh herb to taste. It makes it so much healthier and gives you a sustained energy rather than a sugar rush.
        Love, spice and herbs

                    from Pa