Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bob Geldoff    v      Nigel Farage




         More on millionaire public schoolboy Nigel Farage's plans for his personal political career, built on the back of lies he has told fishermen, to come.

      By the way Iceland is a member of NATO and if we try to bully them into letting us steal fish from their territorial waters, it may not just be the Icelandic navy we face in the next round of Cod Wars, carrying on where we were before joining the EU.

      Our big efficient fishing fleet back then was so good it had taken all the fish worth taking from UK waters and more. 

      The remaining stock was too low to breed back to a sustainable level
      That was why our big effecient fleet, captained by brave independent men but mostly owned by the banks and large corporations that finance Farage and UKIP, looked further afield.

      That is why our fleet was sailing further and further and staying at sea longer to make their investment pay a large enough dividend and pay the wages of the men working on the boats they no longer owned....

      Men were lost at sea sadly. 

      Not through cod wars but overlong expeditions in inhospitable waters and foul weather.

      Having exhausted our own stocks, FishCo PLC discovered that fish don't just live in the middle of oceans, rather they live 'near' land.

      Or other countries as it is commonly called.

      Our brave corporate fleet naturally assumed the right to overfish these other countries territorial waters, exhausting their stocks and destroying the long term(and short term) fishing futures.

       Our brave corporate factory fleet moved up the North Sea being rebuffed by the Scandinavian and Baltic states at the cost of several international incidents and the taxpayer funding the Royal Navy to protect these corporate interests.

       Eventually our factory fleet ran out of North Sea, passed North over the fished out Scottish waters into the North Atlantic.


 “Heaving Codfish”

    On September 1, 1958, keen to protect both its fish spawning grounds and to preserve a large enough share of the catch for Icelandic fishermen, Iceland expanded its fishing zone from 4 nautical miles to twelve nautical miles. While other European nations which fished in the waters around Iceland decided to abide by this limit, Britain, which got roughly half of its deep sea fish in the waters around Iceland, “immediately announced her intention of defying” this limit. British warships would now protect British fishermen as they fished in the twelve-mile zone around Iceland

       Here they found an island nation that had lived off fishing it's entire history.

      They had carefully nurtured their fish stocks so they coiuld make a safe(ish) comfortable living and feed their nation permanently.
The Icelandic position was similar in all three conflicts. The major point was that Iceland depends on its fishing industry more than any other state in the world. Iceland has few natural resources, no timber, no fuel, little agricultural potential, and no mineral deposits. Its economy is uniquely dependent on fishing for survival and for exports, to fund the imports needed for the other parts of the economy. "Fish and fish products of one form or another...have on average accounted for 89.71 per cent of Iceland's total export in each year during the period 1881-1976." (3) Iceland argued, therefore, that it had an overwhelming need to ensure the survival of the fish stocks in its area.
In addition, Iceland stated that foreign fishermen, from the Faroe Islands, Belgium, West Germany, and the majority from Great Britain, were causing an over-exploitation of the fish stocks around Iceland. The tonnage of fish catches had been decreasing since a peak in the 1950's, even though technological improvements allowed greater catches for fishing vessels. The size and age of the cod caught had also steadily decreased over the years. This meant that there were fewer cod spawning, thus reducing the total population of cod existing. Stocks of cod had decreased by a third during the 1970's.(4) Iceland stated that fish catches would have to be reduced. Since Iceland's survival depended on fishing, it argued that other nations should bear the reduction of catches. Since Icelandic fishermen were able to catch all of the allowable tonnage of fish, all foreign fishing activity took fish from Icelandic fishermen, not in addition to the fish caught by Iceland.

       This had created a natural fish stock in abundance, the like of which the British fisherman had not seen for decades, since the creation of the corparate factory fleets.

       The CEO's, boards of directors and shareholders were ecstatic and sent their factory fleets to park permanently half mile outside territorial waters, sending the oversized trawlers into Icelandic waters whenever they thought no-one was watching, or at least couldn't prove it.

     This attempted rape of another sovereign nation's national livelihood and food upset the locals who sent their navy out to try and protect their rights.

      Of course our corporate interests called out the Superior British Royal Navy to protect their business interests and the taxpayer funded a permant naval prescence outside Icelandic waters, shots were fired froom both sides.

       That was the situation when we joined the EU.

       They imposed quotas designed to gradually rebuild our fish stocks (which has happened), partner nations generously allowed us quotas from their waters sufficient to maintain smaller, independent fishing boats but not the large corporate factory fleets.

       Fish stocks have now been rebuilt and Farage thinks the time is right to re- release the large corporate factory fleets that can industrialise our waters, and with UKIPs planned naval expansion, the taxpayer can once again pay to protect corporate interests, the industrialisation and rape of UK, colonial and any other national fishing stock and industry we can steal and destroy.


      That is the truth of millionaire, public, schoolnboy, gin drinking Nigel Farage who masquerades as a man of the people with a pint of beer he never drinks and his mission to rebuild the corporate overfishing industry.

      The destruction of the inshore industry by raw sewage pumped into the sea 1/4 mile from shore all round our island nation, as well as farming runoff, industrial 'leakage' and nuclear discharge is another matter for another time, when you are ready to understand that 90% of inshore cod were carrying meningitis back in the 70's

      Just realise that the EU has saved us from all this, cleaned our seas, beaches, rebuilt our fish stocks and helped the small scale sustainable fishermen, in the face of industry and government resistance.

      That is what Nigel Farage Johnson, IDS Gove etc are fighting for. 


      To remove that protection and give corporate profit free reign.

        The brxaters and grouties have been running a clever campaign, they accuse Remain of exactly what they are doing themselves.
       They have been running a scaremongering campaign for years, perhaps even decades, certainly long before this #EUref began ib earnest.
        They ran the story of 50 million Romanians all on the way here for years, before and after they actually joined and it was proved to be false.
       They are repeating the scare with 70 million Turks on their way here and it is just as false but repeated just as widely in the corporate right wing media.
       They have run the scare over the amount we pay into the #EU
and how it is used, with false figures for years.
        Now one after another sober, sensible, independent financial specialists from the Bank of England, Office for Budget Responsibility, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Interrnational Monetary Fund and many more have produced well researched, well thought through economic reports that show Groutie economics as opposite to truth and reality.
      The Grouties make no attempt to respond on an economic level and prove their figures. They just shout "scaremongering".
       At everything from economic data, to immigration figures, to political judgement, to the future economy, the Brexaters make no attempt to engage in serious, or even mild light-hearted, debate, they just shout scaremongering and the media accept that as a valid, balanced response to any and everything. 

       Perhaps they are as amazed as the rest of us because they give over an inordinate amount of time to repeating, over and over, scaremongering, as a balanced response, to any question. 

       At a time when the Naval budget is again being squeezed the cod wars show just how easy it can be for corporate and miltary desires to coincide and get out of hand very quickly. With Brexaters only promise so far is that they will conduct all negotiations by a denial of resolution until they get their own way, the stated intention to take us back to pre EU-negotiated settlements, the possibility of all sorts of corporate squabbles turning into armed conflict, handbags more than WW3, but military action all the same, is only too real.


    The National Office for Statistics have told them repeatedly, that the Outie's most basic figures are wrong and misleading.
        Outies continue to use them, have them emblazoned in 6 foot letters on busses and just shout scaremongering at one of the most essential, factual, independent government departments.

        They refused, repeatedly, to send anyone to a treasury select commitee to justify the figures they were using.
        George Osborne was called and attended to justify his figures. I don't like the man but he sat and answered every question he was asked for 2 hours. 
        One of the treasury questioners was Mr Rees-Mogg, a prominent Grouter, who at least had the grace to be embarassed that the Out campaign would not attend. 
       Not embarassed enough to take on the role and answer questions himself. 

          The Outies have refused to give even the most basic political, financial or cultural assessment of a future out of the EU, while at the same time completely rejecting any future plan offered by the current government. 
       They have demonstrated that they have enough parliamentary support to mount a silent coup d'etat. 
        So a leave vote, within weeks, will deliver the most extreme right wing government this country has known.
       Scapegoats are already in place and UK Plc will be sold off as fast as possible under an unelected government with no mandate for anything other than leave the EU.
       They are already preparing to label everything as "essential for leaving the EU", it is why they give no exit plan.
         The plan is to privatise the UK.
        That is the independence they offer.
        That is the sovereignty for the UK.
          Sovereign possessions of corporate entities.

         That will include not just physical assets such as buildings and business.
        It will include you, down to a DNA  level, being sold to private enterprise.


             Grouties will dismiss this as "scaremongering"
        I hope it is
        But I can see it happening with the media already leading the voters by the nose to slaughter

   This is my understanding of the history of the loss of UK fishing stocks, how this led to cod wars with Iceland and how membership of the EU helped resolve the conflict where NATO had failed. 

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