Tuesday, 26 June 2012

recipes 1, yoghurt.

Is live yoghurt vegetarian?
   I think so because i am not killing the little micro-cultures, merely moving them to live in my digestive canal.   
   If you disagree feel free to post and let me have your thoughts on the subject.

Making a super yoghurt at home
This is not strictly a yoghurt recipe because i don't think such a thing is possible.
   I hope this is a successful attempt to make a live, natural yoghurt, at home, without the aid of a yoghurt maker.
   It will certainly be an attempt, at least :-).
Last time i attempted this feat i think i made 2 (two) basic errors.  
  • Failed to sterilise milk or equipment.
  • Left for 3 weeks without attention.
   Now i realise in the modern world it is not really necessary to make your own yoghurt but i do like to eat a lot of it and can't be doing with running down the shops all the time.
   The live yoghurt i am using is an unnamed  culture from a supermarket own brand 'basic' yoghurt.
   If successful, i hope in future production to add different cultures from various different makes, until i have a thriving hotchpotch of the little beasties to add to the collection in my stomach. 

   I will be using skimmed milk.
   I think the ambient temperature at the moment is adequate to enable culture growth.
   I will be using a 1 litre food grade plastic pot with lid (previously used for pineapple chunks in pineapple juice). Washed out and sterilised with boiling water.
   Milk will be boiled, then cooled quickly in water bath, added to pot. Culture will be added and stirred in with a wooden spoon handle sterilised with boiling water.
   Lid will be put on and pot put in cupboard until morning.

   I will let you know how it goes and hopefully put up a photo of the first stage of my super yoghurt.

   Any advice welcome.

           UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next Morning
   Well it's next morning and just had a look, yoghurt smells and tastes right but still very thin.
 I did only have a small amount of the culture though, he he kept munching the yoghurt.
   Wasn't that warm last night either.
I will give it the rest of the day, keep an eye on it.

                                       Update 28/06/12 Evening

   Well i did try it yesterday evening and it did taste right, though still thin but i munched through about 200 g/ml of it anyway , just because. then i polished off most of the rest at lunchtime today. Thicker but still much too thin.

At about 8.00pm i finished the last bit and it was nearly right.
   So... Things i have learned-
  • A bigger culture to milk proportion would help speed the process.
  • Possibly a warmer temperature would help, can't affect that at the moment, though in winter could be stood near heater.
  • I must be more patient because it is obviously not a simple overnight process and possibly make a larger batch at a time to last me. 
   So that is my first attempt and i judge it slightly successful,i  will be posting further updates in my adventures in yoghurt as they happen.
   Home made super yoghurt will happen here.
ps. sorry about the photo, i forgot :-) 

          love from Pa