Monday, 25 June 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 1 24/06/12

Good morning world it's a brand new day. 
   The point of this thread is to see if i am really eating and drinking as little and as healthily as i think i am.
   So i hope to put put down my daily consumption as honestly and unforgetfully as i can :-)
   This is to show me what i really ingest as compared to what i imagine i do, because surprisingly for a vegetarian i am considerably overweight, needing to lose a good 3 stone.
   Which i can't seem to shift.
I blame that on many things but not my eating or exercising :-).
   Exercising is mostly confined to walking the dog 
                                   This is Tich, showing her support.

   So this is what i ate and drank on 24/06/12, the day England crashed out of the footy. That is my excuse for the glaring break in diet, nipping to the shop for more cider at half time.

   1 Medium banana
   2 Large mugs of strong coffee with skimmed milk

   1 Medium banana
   350g 2% fat live natural yoghurt
   1 Glass of red wine (Chilean Merlot) 

   1 Large mug of strong coffee with skimmed milk
   1 Pint of cider

   Mushroom stir fry :-
      4 dsps   Sunflower oil
      170g     Mushrooms
      130g     Co-op fresh egg noodles (cooked egg 
                    noodles 98% [wheat flour, water, 
                    pasteurised egg {free range}, salt,    
                    raising agent {sodium hydrogen 
                    carbonate}, preservative {potassium 
                    carbonate}, citric acid, colour {beta-
                    carotene}]. Rapeseed oil 2%)
      28g       Brie cheese

      Pinch     Medium curry powder

          So far so good, now i blame the footy.


   3       Pints of cider
   80g   Milk chocolate hazelnut (sugar, cocoa butter, 
             dried whole milk, cocoa mass, chopped 
             hazelnuts[10%], whey powder [from milk],
             lactose [from milk], dried cream, emulsifier 
             [soya lecithins], vanilla extract.)
            Milk solids 14% minimum
            Cocoa solids 30% minimum
   130g Custard cream biscuits (wheat flour, 
              vegetable oil, whey solids [from milk], 
              glucose syrup, wheat starch, salt, raising
              agents [ammonium bicarbonate, sodium 
              bicarbonate],natural flavouring, colour 
              [ mixed carotenes]) 

My objects of shame

                Tich did offer her support when she saw me succumbing to dangerous cravings, which is why i only ate 80% of the offending foods ho ho.

   Well this has been cathartic for me, though i don't know how much interest it holds for others. 
   I do hope it will be revelatory and guilt me into shifting this weight. I hope guilt at bingeing doesn't stop me keeping this up to date.
   If you have got this far, then thank you for your company, if you want to follow this journey, comment, keep on my back so i don't give up, or anything else, i will be keeping these posts under the 'My vegetarian diet plan' thread. 
   I am keeping a note of consumption in a notebook (clue is in the name) and intend to update every or a least most days.
   Recipes and other stuff will be under different threads.

   Happy Eating Everyone

           love from Pa