Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 2 25/06/12

   Well what a day, possibly had too much coffee because one unpleasant incident sent me a little manic and threw out my mental equilibrium. Thank goodness for Jacky with tea and cake to calm me down :-)

   Did manage to maintain the diet reasonably i think.


1       Banana
100g Low fat natural yoghurt
2       Mugs of coffee with milk

Brunch :-)

1       Mug of coffee with milk


1       Banana
200g Low fat natural yoghurt 
1       Mug of coffee


1       Mug of tea

Afternoon Tea

1       Piece of Jacky's home made choc-chip and
         ginger cake, very nice too :-)
2       Cups of tea


1       Banana
6       Blueberries
2       Pints of sparkling water


                         Egg and 3+ veg

2       Medium eggs fried in
2       Spoons of sunflower oil
222g Red potato (romeo) in skin, microwaved
250g Prepared mixed veg (carrot, butternut squash,
         peas,green beans), microwaved.
92g   Red onion, microwaved
8g     Brown sauce (Water, Tomato puree from 
         concentrate, Sugar, Barley malt vinegar, Spirit
         vinegar, Date puree [Dates, Water, Acetic
         acid], Cane molasses, Modified maize starch, 
         Salt, Acetic acid, Rye flour, Soy sauce (Water,
         Salt, Sugar, Soya beans,Wheat, Acetic acid],
         Ground mixed spice, Barley malt extract,
         Ground black pepper, Onion powder, Ground

1.5    Pints of sparkling water
1       Pint of cider


1       Small banana 
10g   Brie cheese
1       Mug of tea with milk 

   Well that was the lot and looking back there was a little more than i thought, hmmm, all quite healthy though a little heavy on the microwave. getting lazy. 

   I must say keeping this together is more time consuming than i thought ;-)
   Good eating people

       love from Pa