Sunday, 15 July 2012


        Well here i am back from sunny holidays.

  First the bad news, i lost my notebook with my food log in it somewhere on the way to Spain, so i have got no chance of catching up with my vegetarian diet log on here. That has taken a natural pause, though i intend to resume tomorrow.

  Second the good news, in Spain i included a lot more fresh fruit in my diet and i intend to try and maintain that now i am home. So much fruit available everywhere in Spain but there is plenty in England as well. Shopping today, as well as my favourite bananas i also picked up a pineapple, a smallish honeydew melon and a bag of Valencia oranges. :-)

  Thirdly i am going to be experimenting with technical issues of this blog, such as hierarching and grouping to make accessing your favourite section easier and to try and stop my diet dominating, as it does now. So don't be surprised if you encounter strange and unpredictable results over the next week or so.

    Whatever you eat, always appreciate your food.

               Love from Pa