Monday, 2 July 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 7 30/06/12

   Saturday morning and away we go, starting the day with Adventures in yoghurt making, the rematch, details on the yoghurt recipe page. Then away into a world of simple food, drink and weight loss, hopefully.


   3      Mugs of coffee, with milk.
   1      Banana


   371g Vegetable soup [tinned] (water, vegetables 
            (26%)(potato, carrot, onion,, green pea,
            turnip, haricot beans), tomato puree, pasta
            (3.2%)(water, durum wheat semolina), 
            modified maize starch, sugar, potato starch, 
            salt, rapeseed oil, onion powder, yeast
            extract, herbs, colourings: beta carotene,
            paprika extract, thickener:guar gum, spices,
            natural flavour, acidity regulator: citric acid
   92g   White pumpkin seed roll.


   1      Pint of sparkling spring water
   10g  Brie cheese
   8g    Chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar,
           cocoa powder, Emulsifier (lecithins [soya]),
           vanilla extract.
           Cocoa solids: 85% minimum
           Fairtrade products: 99% minimum

Afternoon Tea

   1      Mug of milky coffee
   1      Mug of tea
   8g    Chocolate (as before)

   Brief excursion into Adventures with preserves, Parsnip and blueberry jam, which will have it's own page when i manage it.

                       Egg chips and tomatoes
forgot to take a picture so here ia one of a funny sign i took earlier

   2       Eggs, fried in 
   10g   Sunflower oil
   200g Tinned chopped tomatoes (tomatoes [60%],
   tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid
   250g Chips (from the Chinese take away)
   1       Mug of tea 


   1      Mug of tea
   24g  Chocolate (as before)

   I can't believe i forgot to photograph my interesting dinner of egg, chips and tomatoes. Doh!.
   I also didn't photo my Adventures in yoghurt or Adventures in preserves. Lost the plot a bit, especially during jam making but there you go. Will get my little adventures up on their respective pages as soon as possible.
   On the plus side, i didn't skarfe the bar of chocolate all in one go.
   On the minus, chips from the Chinese, though i didn't eat the whole portion all in one go, look out for their reappearance in future meals.
   By the way, meal titles are more to do with the order things are eaten/drank in, and the gaps between, than any real correlation between food and title.