Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Vegetarian Diet day ?1 17/07/12

Back again and yes my diet yesterday lasted me through the night, so here's hoping today's very similar diet keeps me going as well. 
Getting a taste for oranges as a snack now :-)



      Piece of Jacky's ginger and choc chip cake


      2 brie with chilli, tomato, onion in wholemeal 
      bread sandwiches.


      Traybake with sunflower oil.
      Potato, Butternut squash, bell pepper, red onion,
      mushrooms. Salt and pepper to taste.

      2 slices of honeydew melon 


      Valencia oranges


      Coffee, water, red wine  

        Well another healthy days eating, also done a 
      lot of walking, feeling quite shattered and am
      going to sleep well tonight :-) 
        I doubt i can keep up this intensity of
      healthiness for long, one day at a time ho ho.
        Must start taking pictures again tomorrow to add
      that touch of glamour to this blog.
        I must say though that a simple thing like cutting
      up oranges instead of peeling them makes them
      so much more accessible, crazy, i had forgotten 
      all about it.

               Eat well and enjoy 

                  Love from Pa