Monday, 3 June 2013

collected pictures 1

    Hi been a long time and as you might have noticed I have gone gluten free and started a new gluten free blog.
    So I am just uploading collected pictures of baking since we last spoke to tidy up so to speak.
Who knows what the future may bring?


Chocolate tart

Blueberry cookies

A small slice of chocolate tart

    Here is a short selection of my diet as it was, in July 2012 if I am reading the mobile date correctly.
    Doesn't it look healthy and fairly minimal gluten by coincidence.
    As a matter of interest, if anyone is interested, I have gone down from 95k to 85k now. That is weight, not salary unfortunately.
    So here is some good looking tray bakes and other snacks. I will leave out the plates of egg, chips and beans and bars of chocolate that interrupted my perfect diet hee hee.

    A nice little before and after tray bake featuring sweet potatoes and butternut squash if memory serves me.

Tasty looking tray bake



Another tasty wholesome before and after tray bake

    Now for some tasty sandwiches, 
I'm going to have to practice my bread making to get a good gluten-free sandwich loaf.

Do I know how to make a great sarnie or what?

Home made jam! Apple and blueberry if memory serves me well

Another great sandwich from Pa

     And some nice fruity snacks to cleanse the palate

    Self explanatory I think but I'm getting peckish just posting it. 

    A little bit of fun to finish today I think.

Playing with your food is great fun
     Well if anyone finds and reads this thanks for looking and remember to taste and enjoy whatever you eat.
    Love Life Laughs
          from Pa 

    Just found most of these pictures in previous post DOH!