Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 3 26/06/12

   Well, here i am again, day 3 although i am 2 days behind in actually posting this. You know how it is, 1 thing and another :-) so will try and keep this simple and catch up.
  You may notice i have started noting slurps of milk, something that is a terrible habit of mine but one of which i am now recognising.


   Slurp of milk
   Mug of coffee with milk
   Small banana

Brunch :-)

   Slurp of milk
   Pint of water
   Mug of tea with milk   

Afternnoon Tea with Jacky

   Banana sandwich (nice granary bread)
   1   Digestive biscuit
   2   cups of tea with milk


   20g   Brie cheese
   6       Blueberries
   Mug of tea with milk
   Slurp of milk

                 Noodle stir fry  

   25g    Sunflower oil
   26g    Frozen fresh mint
   155g  Mushrooms
   48g    Peas
   59g    Sweet red peppers
   95g    Noodles (as before)
   2        Cloves of garlic 
   22g    Watercress (fresh as garnish)

   417g   Total cooked weight
   1         Pint of cider


   Slurp of milk
   2         Mugs of tea with milk

   Well that's it folks, thought i had things to say but have forgotten, must keep up to date
   Enjoy your food whatever it may be

          love from Pa