Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 4 27/06/12

   Well this turned out to be a busy day, involving quite a lot of walking and finishing with a right old palaver. One important point was weighing myself at the doctors, 95 kilo, so i will adopt that as my base starting weight and my doctors scales as my reference. I don't have scales at home but do attend the doctors fairly regularly so can always hop on there. I don't want to be checking myself every day but i would like to get down to about 75 kilo, so i have a long way to go.


   Slurp of milk
   1 Small banana
   Mug of coffee with milk


   1 Small banana
   Mug of coffee with milk
   6 Blueberries


   1/2 Pint of water


   Mug of tea with milk


   1 Fairy cake, with soft icing and walnut, for charity


   Mug of tea with milk
   200 ml  Home made yoghurt   

07.00pm  Dinner

                          Eggs, spud and beans

     154g   Red potato (romeo), boiled
   202g   Baked beans (Navy beans 51%, Water,    
              Tomato puree 4.5%, Sugar, Modified Maize
              Starch, Salt, Natural flavouring, Onion 
              powder, paprika), microwaved
   10g     3 cloves of garlic added to baked beans
   91g     Red onion, microwaved
   2         Medium free range eggs, fried, curried in
   2dsp   Sunflower oil

   479g   Total cooked weight
   15g     Brown sauce (as before)

   11/2   Pints of cider


   1        Pint of water
   Mug of tea with milk.

   Well that was a busy day but seem to be getting on top of the coffee and when i had a palaver didn't scream, well, only by text.
   Got a weight now and a target to reduce to, and writing this, keeping my food log, is making me really aware of what i am eating.
   Good, and bad, i don't casually buy munchies, not keeping any in the house, apart from fruit and yoghurt but am starting to get cravings.
   Still little treats can come, must remember it's only 3 days since my footy binge.
   Goodness though, i could really trash a pack of bikkies right now.
    Good eating folks

           love from Pa