Monday, 2 July 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 6 29/0612

   Well here we are again, struggling to make this blog a daily routine but keeping a written log in the notebook, so.
    Been a funny sort of weekend, ha ha but now i will find out how i stuck to a weight reducing diet ha ha. I write it down but don't remember it.
   Ok we're off


   1       Banana
   2       Mugs of coffee , black. ( that's what i get for
            yesterdays slurps of milk!)


   100g Yoghurt
   3       Blueberries
   1       Banana
   1       Mug of coffee, black

Lunch, late

   2.5    Cheese oat thins, (thank you Jacky), helped 
            by Tich (the other 0.5)
Tich looking good in the community garden

   1       Mug of tea, WITH MILK!!!

Afternoon tea

   66g   Brown roll
   21g   Brie cheese
   13g   Watercress
   1       Mug of tea, with milk
   75g   Beetroot
   1       Small banana


                           Mixed veg stir fry
   20g   Sunflower oil
   264g Mixed vegetables, ready prepared (Cabbage
            40%, mushrooms 20%, beansprouts 20%,
            carrots 20%)
   1g     Fresh mint, (thank you community gardens)
   30g   Sultanas
   140g Fresh free range noodles (as before)
   1      Sprinkle of salt.
   1      Watercress garnish

   426g Total cooked weight  

   1       Mug of tea, with milk


   1      Mug of tea, with milk
   2      Slurps of milk
   10g  Brie cheese

   Well i seem to eat quite a lot throughout the day but mostly pretty healthy so far. 
   Onward and upward and enjoy what you eat.

            love from Pa