Friday, 29 June 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day 5 28/06/12

   Well yesterdays kerfuffle needed sorting out, which involved dashing into town early, threw my schedule right out and involved a lot of walking, exhausted me and needed a lay down in afternoon then early dinner.


   Mug of coffee with milk


   1       Small banana 
   1       Pint of water
   300g Yoghurt


   220g  Baked beans (as before) eaten from tin with
   20g    Brie


                              Noodle stir fry

   1 dsp Sunflower oil
   22g    Sultanas
   111g  Free range egg noodles (as before)
   pinch Cumin
   pinch Salt
   Mug of tea with milk


   15g    Brie cheese
   200g  Yoghurt
   3        Blueberries
   handful of sultanas  (sorry, unscientific dietific)
   Mug of tea with milk


   Pint of water
   Mug of tea with milk

Midnight feast

   104g  Beetroot
   35g    Brie cheese
   Mug of tea with milk 

   Looks like i am eating a lot of Brie, the only easy munchy in the fridge, will have to think about that.
   Yes, there are a lot of noodles in my diet, I hope that is a good thing. I am trying to cut out bread products as my main carb. Noodles and potatos are replacing, though i have now finished that bag of spuds. Don't normally buy reds but have enjoyed them and they haven't sprouted as quickly as whites normally do.
   Would type more but i am involved in a long winded and irritating internet 'chat' with my mobile phone providers. Wishing I hadn't had so much coffee today. Grrr.

   Have fun people and whatever you are eating today, remember to appreciate it. 

      love from Pa