Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Vegetarian Diet Day ?4 20/07/12

      Hi, this one is a day late and i can't remember much of what i was thinking yesterday. However the cupboard was bare and it was raining all day so i didn't go out to shop. You will see how that affects my diet. :-)


      1 Banana 
      Small bar of dark chocolate, 85% cocoa


      1 wholemeal bread sandwich
Home made parsnip and blueberry jam :-)


      4 slices of pineapple

      1 can of vegetable soup

In a big mug 

      Chips and baked beans

Chinese takeaway chips 
a splash of brown sauce
salt and vinegar to taste

      Valencia oranges


      Coffee, milky coffee, vodka, tea, water.

          Well i remember a little now, i did make the marvelous jam though the recipe and notes were in the lost notebook, so the recipe page hasn't gone up.
 There we are and Tich is giving me the heavy eyeball now, wanting to be taken out, so i'm off and you will have to make your own minds up about the healthiness of today's grub.

               Eat well and enjoy your food

                      Love from Pa